Bring on the PowerPointLess!

October 31, 2007

Running a site like SlideShare, you get used to all the PowerPoint jokes. Heck, we enjoy them! When we first came out, the best coverage was comments like: Bore people around the world. We have been told that we are the worst website in the world (I have met the person who made the comment and he's rather nice (and uses SlideShare now ;-).

Anyway, working at a startup can get pretty intense, and we are always looking for ways to amuse ourselves. One of our users came up with an amusing take on Presentations, which he called PowerPointless (embedded below): Create powerpoints using ONLY existing themes and existing Microsoft clipart!

We are inviting you to take this concept and run with it. Create the PowerPointless. Upload a slideshow and tag it with the word "powerpointless". We will highlight your PowerPointLess contributions on our home page every two weeks. It can be anything that is an amusing take on PowerPoint. Make our grim content editor laugh and we will put you on the front page.

How to enter: 1) Create something powerpointless (and find someone else's stuff and share it - with their permission of course). The rules are deliberetly vague - it should be amusing. Make our grim content editor (we won't tell you who it is) laugh! It should be something about presentations. Or something related which amuses us.

2) Important: Upload and tag it "powerpointless" so that we find it.