New Features: Video embeds in comments & new embed slideshow player

October 23, 2007

Here's a bunch of new features we pushed out to our servers:

Video Embeds in comments: Now you can embed a video in the comments section for the slideshow and it will play as usual. We are starting off with videos from a few popular video sharing sites - Youtube, GoogleVideos, BlipTV, Metacafe, DailyMotion, Viddler (we'll add other sites to that list if our users want it). This feature can be useful to augment your presentation on slideshare with accompanying videos about the event. Check out some examples here, here & here. Screenshot below

New Embed Player: We have introduced a new embed player for your slideshows. This player has a wider range of functions that the earlier one. It allows you to get the embed code or bookmark the slidehow (using Gigya) directly from the embed, without having to come to the site. This is the player you will now get, if you copy the embed code from slideshare. However, for slideshows that have been embedded earlier in blogs/websites, the new player will show up only if the earlier embed code is replaced with the new one from the site.

Other improvements that have been implemented-

- the site should be faster and more responsive now; adding contacts, making comments or favorites should be quicker than before; also there was a problem of duplicate comments, favorites that were automatically getting generated- those should be gone now
- you should be able to remove slideshows from a group (there was a bug which prevented this from happening)
- "share a slideshow" (by email) gets more meat now; you can directly add users from your contact list; email IDs of non slideshare users who were forwarded slideshows will also be remembered by the system (last 10)

Let us know your feedback for all these.....