New Features: Slideshow embed counts, publish to MySpace, Friendster, Facebook etc widget

August 14, 2007

We rolled out a couple of features that you should find useful:



Embed counts: How cool it could be if you knew where your slideshows have been embedded, how many views each embed is getting etc? Well, you can do that now. On the slideshow page, you will get to see the embed count. This shows how many times the slideshow has been embedded on different blogs, websites, forums etc. Click on the "Stats" link and you will land at the statistics section, where you get a breakup of how many views happened on Slideshare and how many have come from the embeds. And you get a list of all the blog, website urls where the slideshow has been embedded. Isin't this cool?

So from now on, the views in your slideshow will be a summation of the views on slideshare and the views from embeds. The views from embeds will be counted from 8/11/2007; views prior to this will not be added. So unfortunately, the millions of views for slideshare embeds on blogs, websites etc prior to this date will not be taken into consideration. This is because of technical reasons. We are not happy about this, but its better late than never. Please note that

- for slideshows that were embedded prior to 8/11-
the embed count will initially be much lower than the actual, but will build up gradually over a few weeks. This is on account of how we have implemented this technology (which has been quite a task!). We estimate that in 4-6 weeks, the embed count should reflect the actual number of embeds.

- for slideshows embedded post 8/11- you get actual embed counts straightaway

Gigya Widget for publishing to MySpace, Friendster, Facebook- We have implemented a third party widget (Gigya) to help you publish your slideshows on different social networks. Just click the post to button , select where you want to publish, enter your pw/login etc and you're done. This is as easy as its gets! Thanks Gigya for making this super cool widget.

Let us know what you think of these new additions.