Special prize to Karl Fisch and the "Shift Happens" eBay charity auction!

May 14, 2007

shift-happens-23665-thumbnail.jpgLast week we declared the results of the World's Best Presentation Contest. The winner is Jeff Brenman who created a stylised version of "Shift Happens". Jeff writes in his description that the original creator of the Shift Happens presentation is Karl Fisch. As Karl describes on his blog, he created the slideshow to start conversations with other teachers about the world their students are entering. It is a collection of facts and figures about America's changing position in the world. Since Karl generously shared the original presentation under a Creative Commons license, there have been several remixes, many YouTube versions, and now Jeff's SlideShare version.

Shift Happens has been viewed over 2 million times. For a presentation that was created by a school teacher for a faculty meeting, thats extraordinary impact. We at SlideShare would like to recognize Karl for creating this brilliant slideshow and sharing it in such a generous manner. As part of the World's Best Presentation Contest, we are awarding him a special prize for "Most Impact". It does not matter that the presentation was never entered into the contest (though I do hope that Karl will put it on SlideShare at some point :-)). Our goal in organizing the contest was to recognize great slideshows. And Karl's definitely fits the bill.

onelaptop1.gifWhen I contacted Karl about the prize, he suggested auctioning the prize (an iPod Nano) and donating the proceeds to a charity. Karl chose the One Laptop Per Child Foundation, a deserving organization that provides laptops for children in developing countries. We have put up the iPod for auction on eBay; here is the link for the auction. You can win an iPod and support a great cause.

Below is Karl's slideshow about the auction. Happy bidding!

(We also request slideshare's users to spread the word about the auction so that it gets a good response. Please blog it and let your friends/acquaintances know about it)