New Features- File Download and Creating groups....

April 16, 2007

We are rolling out two important features on Slideshare:

File Download- From now onwards, you can download the original presentation files from Slideshare. This will be possible, only if the person who uploaded the slideshow has allowed the downloading. We are introducing this feature based on the constant feedback from our users, right from the day Slideshare launched. Hopefully you'll find this useful.


Anybody can download the file- whether a Slideshare account owner or otherwise. Go to the slideview page and look for the 'Download file' link at the bottom right corner of the slideshare flash player. Screenshot above.


Creating Groups and starting discussions- We have introduced a new top level navigation called Community. This will allow you to create a group, which other slideshare users can join. Group members can send specific slideshows to the group and initiate discussions in the group. We think this feature is necessary to allow a meaninful dialogue on topics of common interest amongst users.

e.g. Lets say, you create a group called 'AppleLovers'; now you can start adding slideshows to the group that have to do with Apple, its strategy, its products etc. You can debate different aspects of Apple on this group and people can leave behind replies (just like a forum).

Screenshots below:

This is what the page for a particular group looks like:


This is how you can send a particular slideshow to a group:


Tell us what you think of these new features...