Rolling out new features in Slideshare

January 24, 2007

We are rolling out a bunch of cool features in Slideshare. This is our biggest release (in terms of features & fixes) since we launched. And we're excited about it!

Filter slideshows by language - Now you can browse slideshows by language. So, if you just want to see French slideshows, for example, click on the 'All Languages' link above the search box and simply choose 'French' from the dropdown. This filter is available on all pages (but it will not affect the content on two pages- the homepage and the page where you actually view the slideshow).


From now onwards, when you upload a presentation to Slideshare, you would have to identify what language your slideshow is in. You can also specify a default language (for view slideshows) in your profile page inside your Slideshare account.

For slideshows which have been uploaded to Slideshare till now, we have identified the language on your behalf using some algorithms. However we understand that this might not be perfect. Hence, if you find any of your earlier slideshows having an incorrect language identification, please go to 'edit your slideshow' page and set the correct language there.


Zing It! - Like it? So Zing It! Zinging is our way of letting you vote for a slideshow that you like. You can zing a slideshow when you are viewing it in the slideview page by clicking on the Zing It button next to the slideshow's title (as below).


Or you can Zing It! when you are browsing Slideshare using the Latest, Featured, Most Viewed etc filters (as below).


Accordingly, the second level navigation now has a Most Zinged tab along with Latest, Most Viewed, Featured, Most Commented, Most Favorited. Thus you can browse the slideshows that have been zinged the most.


Contacts - With this release, we are taking one step further to support the community at Slideshare. You can now add users in Slideshare as your contacts. Just browse to the profile page of the person you want to add as a contact (make sure you are logged into your account) and click the 'Add as your contact' link in the profile box (as below).


You can also see a user's contacts by hitting the 'Contacts' link, on the right of 'Comments' link.

You can search for users in Slideshare by going to 'edit' your contacts page and then using the 'User Search' box


Favorite notification - Now, you get an email notification when someone favorites your slideshow. You can choose not to receive emails by editing your profile.

We hope you'll like these new additions to Slideshare. Keep sending in feedback/feature requests/problems (use the Feedback/Report problem link at the bottom of every page). And thanks for sharing!