New features: Favorites, community tagging & comment tracking

November 3, 2006

Last night we rolled out a bunch of new features to Slideshare. This is "social release 1", the first of a series of "social releases" - features and improvements to support and track the community at Slideshare.

Favorites & Community Tagging- Now, you can add a slideshow as a "Favorite". Go to any slideshow, look for the "Save to Favorites" link below the "Digg this" link.


Once you click the link, you will be asked to optionally enter tags (or keywords) that will help you remember this slideshow for future reference.


Now, when you go to "My Slidespace" you will find a list of "Favorite" slideshows at the bottom of the page. Or you can use the submenu "Favorites" to see a page full of your favorites.


Comments Tracking: The other major change is to the comments system. Many of you had written to us about not being to find which slides had comments (and problems with "disappearing comments!" which were really hard-to-find comments). Now, at the top of the comments bar for every slideshow, you will see a list of commented slides.


You can also track comments better on My Slidespace. For example, we could go to mathowie's slidespace to see a list comments on the left, or go to his "Comments" page. It has a list of all comments - you (the owner of this space) made, or comments made on your slideshows.



Slideshare homepage also shows a list of "Recent Comments". And of course, there is a "Most Commented" section.

Active Users: Finally, the front page has a list of recently active users. Currently, at the top of that list is "downes" who has uploaded 63 slideshows recently!


Thanks for sharing! And keep the feedback coming (use the Feedback/Report problem link at the bottom of every page).