Want to work at SlideShare?

October 7, 2006

copy-2-of-test_011.jpgWe are amazed and thankful at the huge response we've gotten to SlideShare in just two days since launch, and need to hire developers and a sysadmin immediately to keep up with your enthusiasm. This is for our team in New Delhi. The Uzanto team is a small, tightly-knit team of developers and designers in India & US.

We work with cutting edge technologies - Ruby on Rails, MySQL, and Amazon Web Services. We are looking for developers and a sys admins. We have a small, tightly-knit team of web developers & designers in US and India. Our setup consists of Ruby, Rails, MySQL, lighttpd/mongrel, Pound, FreeBSD, and Debian. We run our Rails apps on a 7-machine cluster (and Amazon S3).

Developer Position: You should be a proven web hacker who can help us get Slideshare to out of the Beta stage and beyond. Freshers OK: having an existing personal web project is a huge plus. Ruby or PHP experience is OK: we can teach you Ruby if you already "get" the web, PHP, CSS, MySql, etc. You MUST be a rock-star where web coding is concerned.

SysAdmin Position: You should have some experience managing open-source clusters. You must be comfortable setting up new servers, tweaking NFS configs, spotting bottlenecks, server surveillance, benchmarking Mongrels, etc. We need you to keep Slideshare working - dealing with any performance crunches, & daily problems that might slow down the site or cause other problems for users.

If the above positions interest you, ping me at amit@uzanto.com, with a cc to jon@uzanto.com.