Have you discovered these features yet ?

October 5, 2006

It's been about 24 hours that SlideShare went live and we've got a lot of feedback, suggestions and feature requests from users. We are looking into those and trying to prioritise. In the meanwhile, here are some useful features to know, if you haven't discovered them already.

Permalink an individual slide
- In SlideShare, you can permalink individual slides and not just the entire presentation. The slide url changes every time the slides advance. So if you want to send your friend a link to the 17th slide of your 35 slide presentation, just copy the slide URL code when you are on the 17th slide and send it over. When your friend clicks on that url, the 17th slide will open directly in his/her browser. The small unit of microcontent in a presentation is an individual slide and we worked hard to isolate it.


Zoom to full screen view- You will find a "full" icon on the Flash player; this is for full screen slideshow. Just click this icon and the slideshow will start playing in full screen mode. Thats just the way it happens in PowerPoint or OpenOffice Impress as well. Note that the full screen option is not available in the embedded players on your blog or website.



Comments on individual slides- The comments you can make on a slideshow also are at a slide level; its almost like your slides have an individual existence of their own. Again its that microcontent idea.


Browse slideshow using hand cursor- Whether you are watching the slideshow in the normal mode or the full screen mode or even in the embed mode, you will notice a hand cursor that appears on the left/right part of the slides. This is for forward and backward advancing (on clicking) of the slides.



Resize the embedded slideshow on your blog- The code that you copy/paste into your blog for embedding the slideshow has values for the length & breath of the embedded player. You can modify these values to ensure that the player fits into your blog's column width.



Slide Transcripts- I bet most users haven't realised this. The text from your presentation is displayed in a text format in the box marked as slide transcript. This will get indexed by Google's spiders. And so your slides are actually on Google now and will show up in Googles' searches (once SlideShare is opened for public viewing). Again this is at the slide level, so hopefully people will be able to use google will find the exact slide that is most relevent.