Meet our (beautiful) servers

September 26, 2006

Our server cluster (which lives in "sunny" san francisco) is a friendly gaggle of celeron, pentium, and Xeon machines. The servers are all named after Bollywood actresses (Bollywood refers to the Indian movie industry with its center at Mumbai). At the bottom of each page on SlideShare, you can see the name of the web server that is responding to your request!

Ash is a Pentium 4 machine with 2 Gigs of RAM, and is used as a web server. She won Miss World in 1994, and is often referred to as the "Queen of Bollywood".

Celina is a Celeron machine with 2 Gigs of RAM that also is our second web server. She was born in Kabul but raised in Calcutta, and was crowned Miss India in 2001.

Bipasha is another Celeron with 2 Gigs of RAM, responsible for all file conversions and processing. She is considered one of Bollywood's most controvertial actresses.

Dia is a Xeon with 4 Gigs of RAM and RAID 1. She runs the database, and most recently starred in the Indian adaptation of the film "Fight Club".

We haven't found the need for a fifth machine, but there's only one bollywood actress I know of whose name begins with E, so it will probably be named Esha!