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Thought leaders publish research and trends as presentations

With the vast amounts of information and data available today, there is a constant stream of research conducted on almost any topic. Websites and blogs are regularly updated with competitive analysis, market research, and the results of scientific inquiry and academic study. But where do you go to find trend …
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Zeitgeist 2011 – a year of changes in presentation trends

It’s time for our annual SlideShare Zeitgeist, a look back at 2011 presentation trends based on activity of the SlideShare community. Each year we analyze metrics and share our summary so you can stay up to speed on what’s happening in the world of presentations. Here’s what we discovered…

A …
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What will the world be like in 2012?

12 presentations with predictions
What will change in 2012? What will stay the same? Here are 12 presentations that take a look at where we’ve all been in 2011 and predict trends that we’ll see in the coming year. Comment and share these presentations with your friends and colleagues. We’ll …
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Everyone has a crystal ball for 2011

With so many prediction slideshows published on SlideShare in the past week, we’re beginning to feel like the crystal ball for 2011! We’ve selected a few slideshows to share with you. Each of the following presentations goes a step further than providing only a list. They explain what the predictions …
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SlideShare Zeitgeist for 2010

Now that 2010 is coming to a close, we wanted to bring you the presentation trends for the year. We crunched through the numbers for all presentations for 2010, and found out stuff like:

  • what presentations got popular in 2010?
  • What are the presentation trends of the year?
  • What is

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