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Smile! Add your videos to SlideShare

One of the most popular features here on SlideShare is the use of video presentations. With a PRO account, you can upload a video without embedding it into a slidedeck. Unlike YouTube videos, Pro videos are ad-free and provide viewer statistics. And just like with slidedecks, you can embed …
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New ways to share private presentations

You know that SlideShare is a great way to share presentations publicly. But did you know that SlideShare Pro gives you the ability to share presentations and documents privately? You can share private presentations with a sales prospect, a group of collaborators, with your students in a class, or with …
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Welcoming all non-profits to SlideShare Pro

SlideShare has been a hub for nonprofits from the beginning. Some non-profits use it for fundraising, some for creating awareness, some for reaching constituents. They use SlideShare on their own, or in conjunction with their Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and LinkedIn profiles.

When we launched SlideShare Pro last year, nonprofits …
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SlideShare Pro now gives you extra features on Linkedin

We have good news for SlideShare Pro users. If you use Linkedin (who doesn’t?), then we just rolled out a couple of features that will give you some extra edge. SlideShare Pro users now have

– a complete dashboard in their Pro analytics section for their Linkedin content that shows …
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Interview: Daniel Klaus of Fujitsu Technology Solutions

We are always learning from our customers. In this, the third interview in our ongoing series, we talked with Daniel Klaus of Fujitsu Technology Solutions. Daniel was kind enough to share his experiences and suggestions for other SlideShare Pro customers.

How long have you been using SlideShare?
We started using …
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JESS3 Uses SlideShare Pro as Platform for Clients

This week we talked with Jesse Thomas, founder of JESS3, about how JESS3 uses SlideShare Pro…

Who is Jess3? Is it a person or a company?
JESS3 is a creative interactive agency that specializes in product design, branding, social media and data visualization. Based in Washington, DC JESS3 has studio …
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