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7 secrets to becoming a SlideShare power user

In this article, originally published on LinkedIn Today, Ross Mayfield describes the tactics that help SlideShare power users get that extra edge (and more views.)

Ross MayfieldUsing SlideShare to share slides is pretty easy. Being a SlideShare ninja is another thing entirely. In this post (and deck), let me share seven …
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Before and after: Facebook 2004 media kit redesign

Designers and creatives have been examining and building upon the work of their predecessors for hundreds of years. By deconstructing creative works, then applying new techniques and best practices, designers continue to evolve and enrich the way we experience information.

Brazilian presentation design and marketing agency MonkeyBusiness took on the …
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5 ways SlideShare can rock your company, from Slides That Rock

Editor’s note: Slides That Rock designs presentations that regularly catch our eye. Strong design elements and smart subject matter have landed their presentations on the SlideShare home page more than a couple times. Based in Hong Kong, founder Tomas Bay recently told us how using SlideShare has taken them to
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Get more views with a well designed thumbnail image

When you upload a presentation or document to your SlideShare account, a thumbnail image of your first slide is generated — 120 x 90 pixels and 170 x 120 pixels. The height may vary if it’s a document, video or an unusual presentation size, however the width remains constant (120px …
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SlideShare is looking for Rockstar Designers in New Delhi

Are you passionate about digital design? Do you dream of working at one of the world’s fastest growing startups? If you are an experienced web or interactive designer, come work with SlideShare in our New Delhi office. You’ll be collaborating closely with our software developers, product managers, and analysts to …
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