Sequoia Capital on the Economic Downturn

VC firm Sequoia Capital earlier this week had a meeting to address the economic downturn. Today, VentureBeat managed to their hands on the presentation and have uploaded it to SlideShare.

If you’re particularly nervous about the economy you might want to give this one a skip! :)

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Presentations from the Startonomics conference

Since the startonomics conference is using SlideShare, its really easy to put all the presentations from the conference into one. Take a look below. If you run a conference, then make a Presentation pack for your conference. Go to the widgets page on SlideShare [] to get started.

Missing Slides will be back shortly

We’ve figured out what the issue was (and by we I mean the engineering team). Things should be back to normal in about an hour and we’re putting up measures to keep this particular instance from happening again.…
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SlideShare as a party game!

I’ve always thought of SlideShare as a tool for learning, productivity and sharing information. Today I found out that it can also be used as a game!

A blogpost over at Infotropism tells you how:

  1. You will need a projector or large computer monitor. Beer is optional, but recommended.
  2. Open

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