Lessons From the Masters: 5 Rules of Storytelling

Storytelling doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but there’s good news: Storytelling can be learned. While we may not all achieve Shakespeare-level fame, we can learn the skills and tactics that make storied storytellers so great.

Before we jump into tips for telling a compelling story, it’s important to first understand …
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How to Repurpose Your Speaker Deck for the Web

After spending hours building and designing your presentation, it’s easy to think that it has served its purpose once your speech is over. Don’t stop there! You can maximize its reach and potential by spending just a few minutes re-purposing it for the web. You likely delivered your presentation to …
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100 SlideShares in 8 Months

100 SlideShares. 260,000 views. 8 months. Those are Fit Small Business‘s numbers on SlideShare. If you do the math, that’s an average of three new SlideShares a week!

How does FSB — a firm that offers small business advice and only came into existence eight months ago — do …
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Make Your Presentations Poetic

Presentations are pervasive — perhaps even unavoidable — in modern business culture. While we depend on them to document details and dictate discussion, to inform and to teach, we don’t always instinctively think of them as “inspirational.” But we should: Presentations should act like poetry.

As Haiku Deck’s Chief Inspiration …
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