Conferences starting to use slideshare

We’re starting to see conferences using slideshare as a way of getting all the slides from a conference onto an online archive. A conference organizer can get an account on slideshare and upload all the slideshows (this is what the NRCP 06 conference, a conference for paralegals, has done). …
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Humor on slideshare

This slideshow cracked me up! You need to be able to read spanish to get all the jokes … it’s making fun of different nationalities, based on their football-playing strategies. This would have been a good guide to have during the world cup a couple of months ago!

We need …
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Using slideshare for photosharing

A surprising number of our alpha users are using slideshare to share photographs, and to create embedded photo slideshows for their blogs. We hadn’t anticipated this, but we think it’s pretty darned cool. For example, check out this slideshow from fabric of folly.

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Want to work at SlideShare?

copy-2-of-test_011.jpgWe are amazed and thankful at the huge response we’ve gotten to SlideShare in just two days since launch, and need to hire developers and a sysadmin immediately to keep up with your enthusiasm. This is for our team in New Delhi. The Uzanto team is a small, tightly-knit team …
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Have you discovered these features yet ?

It’s been about 24 hours that SlideShare went live and we’ve got a lot of feedback, suggestions and feature requests from users. We are looking into those and trying to prioritise. In the meanwhile, here are some useful features to know, if you haven’t discovered them already.

Permalink an individual

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