Introducing SlideShare Community Guidelines

As SlideShare has grown, we’ve felt the need to formalise the unwritten rules that shape a healthy community. While we think the community guidelines we’ve come up with are reasonably complete, they may be edited later for clarity or to explicitly add something.

For now they are listed below and …
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Indezine Presentation Templates on SlideShare!

Indezine, an extremely popular website with news, tips and information about presentations, created an account on SlideShare a couple of months ago and has now uploaded over 2000 presentation templates!

Geetesh Bajaj, the powerhouse behind Indezine, has painstakingly created all of these templates and has made them available for …
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Olympics on SlideShare!

Its 080808 (Aug 8th, 2008) – its the first day of the Olympics! I remember watching the Olympics on TV for hours as a child. Its one of the few world events that gets millions of people excited. This time, I will be watching TV of course, but I am …
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