Rashmi interview with Guy Kawasaki, Mike Arrington

At the “art of the start” conference last week, Michael Arrington from TechCrunch was interviewed by Guy Kawasaki about “How to Get on TechCrunch”. Michael basically said that you shouldn’t use words like “revolutionary” and “web 2.0″ to describe your site: it’s too generic and doesn’t carry any information. He …
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New features: Favorites, community tagging & comment tracking

Last night we rolled out a bunch of new features to Slideshare. This is “social release 1″, the first of a series of “social releases” – features and improvements to support and track the community at Slideshare.

Favorites & Community Tagging- Now, you can add a slideshow as a “Favorite”. …
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Livejournal and slideshare embeds

Aileron has submitted a request to LiveJournal to support slideshare embeds. Cool! Thanks Aileron. Any livejournal users who want slideshare embeds to work should probably comment on that thread, rather than starting new ones.…
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