We are implementing some anti-spam methods on SlideShare

We have noticed in the past few days that people are manipulating SlideShare’s popularity methods to get their presentations on the front page. Using IP logging and other methods we have found that people are creating accounts, and downloading presentations hundreds of times, favoriting them or making lots of comments …
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SlideShare is down. We are working on it!

The site has been having problems with uploading slideshows for some time, and we have taken it down while we look into it. Sorry about this. Hopefully we will be able to bring it back up very soon.

Update (12.15 PM PST): The site is back up. You might still …
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Problems with uploading files…we’re working on this

Some users have sent in complaints that they are experiencing problems with file uploads. We are working to solve this problem. Its seems to be related to some unexpected bug in our code. Please bear with us. Thanks for your patience…. …
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