World’s Best Presentation Contest 2009 is hotting UP!

The World’s Best Presentation Contest 2009 is hotting up. Its been a couple of weeks since this went live and we have 1547 entries from 1021 participants and 3432 votes have been cast (as on 18th August 5:00 AM PST). Its great to see this kind of enthusiasm in the community.

Off course not all the entries are top notch (thats expected). But one entry that did catch our attention for its humorous overtone is embedded below. This is a take on what people should do to win the SlideShare contest. Thanks avalok for this cool slideshow. This had the slideshare team in splits as well…

Just a reminder- this year, besides the votes polled, we are also looking at the social media receptivity for each contest entry – no of tweets, shares etc. So you’ll need to keep the score ticking on that front as well.