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How to Win Over Your Audience? Be Unexpected

slideshare-images-unexpected-blogOver the holiday break, my wife and I took Southwest Airlines to visit family in San Diego – the choice of airline was one of love/hate. Their low fares are great, but we are seated like cattle. However, love them or hate them, one element of their service I never …
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Why You Need to be Boring

why-the-best-presenters-are-boring-people-blogLook around you. Most of today’s top presenters and entertainers are boring people with predictable schedules and habits:

-George Carlin was obsessed about not repeating the same joke

-Jerry Seinfeld practiced his first Tonight Show bit 200 times

-Nelson Mandela loved his 5 a.m. walks

-Tony Robbins engages in a …
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Why Your Presentation Shouldn’t Be About You

Primary-reason-to-give-a-presentation-Cover-blogWhile leading a presentation training session recently, an interesting theme emerged and re-emerged throughout the day — it’s one that plagues all different types of presenters.

There were lots of great questions, and all of them stemmed from the same place. A few excerpts from the day:

How should I
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