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3 Presentation Design Trends Every Presenter Should Know

I don’t know about you, but I love staying current. It’s fun to know the latest and greatest, and this holds true even for a topic that seems unchanging, like presentations. Whether it’s with photos, fonts or otherwise, these are presentation features that change and transform over time.

Here are …
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Using Culture to Attract Talent

Great talent starts with great culture. As Netflix CEO Reed Hastings states at the start of his infamous “Netflix Culture” deck: “Our culture focuses on helping us achieve excellence.”

Indeed, Hastings was one of the first business leaders to publicize how, exactly, he hires, fires and promotes employees. …
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How the Brain Processes Visual Communication

Here’s the problem with PowerPoint. Everyone has access it, and everyone thinks they know how to use it. Unfortunately, the abuse of tools like PowerPoint in our business culture are neglecting opportunities to maximize how the human brain functions best.

With that said, I want to focus this post on …
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3 Steps to Creating the Perfect Project-Planning Deck

By Toke Kruse

Ever wondered why your presentation about planning didn’t result in an implemented project? One reason might be that your plan wasn’t presented in an effective manner.

A well-executed planning presentation should:

- establish agreement

- coordinate actions

- set schedules and timelines

Unfortunately, many planning presentations fall …
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