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The Art of Crafting the Perfect Cover Slide

craft the perfect cover slide

crafting the perfect cover slide-blogYour cover slide is your presentation’s calling card. On SlideShare and the web, it’s the only way that you can show your audience what they can expect from both a visual and content perspective. It’s your mini elevator pitch, your movie trailer, and your book cover that can either propel …
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3 Essential Steps to Clean Up Your Copy


title_vertical-01-blogWe are drowning in a sea of clichéd metaphors, expressions, and nonsense words that obfuscate our simpler message. Examine that opening sentence again. “Drowning in a sea” is a tired metaphor. And why did I choose to use “obfuscate” when I could have used “hide” instead?

A business presentation often …
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This Presentation Trick Makes You Sound Brilliant


By Geoffrey James

Presentations with bullet lists make you seem dull and stupid. Structuring your presentation as a real story does the exact opposite.

Most presentations are boring, some are tolerable, a very few are memorable. The memorable ones all share a single essential characteristic–they tell a story. But what

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5 Proven Ways to Be Persuasive With Presentations

persuasion persuasive presentation design-blogBy Sunday Avery

Persuasion is a bit like a magician’s trick: It seems mysterious and not easily replicable.

Don’t be tricked into a magician’s illusion. The art of persuasion is not as challenging to master as it might seem. Even if you don’t feel like you have that je ne
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