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How to Close Your Speech With Power

closing-speech blogYour speech is going great. You’ve opened with a bang and have hit all your key points. As you look out at the audience, they are on the edge of their seats; they’re nodding, and engrossed with every word that you say.

You’re about out of time, and you need …
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Producing a Podcast? Read These 3 Decks First

Podcast1An estimated 33% of American adults listen to podcasts, up from 23% five years ago in 2010. No doubt, the international phenomenon of Serial is proof that audio can make a striking impact in the dense world of content (marketers, take note). Looking to record a podcast of your own? …
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5 Tips to Get Featured by SlideShare

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thumbnail.001-blogBy Eugene Cheng and Cheryl Low

Getting featured on SlideShare’s homepage as one of the three top SlideShares of the Day can be considered the holy grail for many uploaders. In our experience, this coveted spotlight guarantees at least a few thousand views in traffic, and your content becomes a …
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