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5 Tips to Get Featured by SlideShare

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thumbnail.001-blogBy Eugene Cheng and Cheryl Low

Getting featured on SlideShare’s homepage as one of the three top SlideShares of the Day can be considered the holy grail for many uploaders. In our experience, this coveted spotlight guarantees at least a few thousand views in traffic, and your content becomes a …
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The Art of Crafting the Perfect Cover Slide

craft the perfect cover slide

crafting the perfect cover slide-blogYour cover slide is your presentation’s calling card. On SlideShare and the web, it’s the only way that you can show your audience what they can expect from both a visual and content perspective. It’s your mini elevator pitch, your movie trailer, and your book cover that can either propel …
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3 Essential Steps to Clean Up Your Copy


title_vertical-01-blogWe are drowning in a sea of clichéd metaphors, expressions, and nonsense words that obfuscate our simpler message. Examine that opening sentence again. “Drowning in a sea” is a tired metaphor. And why did I choose to use “obfuscate” when I could have used “hide” instead?

A business presentation often …
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This Presentation Trick Makes You Sound Brilliant


By Geoffrey James

Presentations with bullet lists make you seem dull and stupid. Structuring your presentation as a real story does the exact opposite.

Most presentations are boring, some are tolerable, a very few are memorable. The memorable ones all share a single essential characteristic–they tell a story. But what

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