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Before and after: Facebook 2004 media kit redesign

Designers and creatives have been examining and building upon the work of their predecessors for hundreds of years. By deconstructing creative works, then applying new techniques and best practices, designers continue to evolve and enrich the way we experience information.

Brazilian presentation design and marketing agency MonkeyBusiness took on the …
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5 Tips for Presenting to Executives

Presenting to your peers is (relatively) easy. The stakes aren’t high. If you screw up, they’ll usually let it slip.

But executives are different. Executives get things done through delegating to other people. So, they are always looking for who they can trust – and who they can’t. Make a …
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How to Use SlideShare to Inspire Blog Post Ideas

A lot of bloggers have similar frustrations when it comes to blogging.

This list includes things like not liking their current theme, not having enough time to write, and not knowing what to write about. Out of these three, the last seems to be the biggest frustration.

Lots of ideasAs long as …
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A Super Easy Way to Spice Up Your Blog Posts

Most blog posts look about the same.

They’re somewhere between 500 to 1,000 words long, and they have a title that starts with either “5 Ways to do Such and Such” or “How to do Such and Such.”

That’s a generalization, but it’s close to the truth.

Part of the …
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