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Friday tip: remember your notes!

The design style for PowerPoint presentations has certainly evolved over the past few years. A movement toward bold images and away from lots of text has prompted some very funky and creative presentations. In a live event it’s fun and engaging to see big, colorful images and gynormous text on …
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Squashing bugs, thanks to your tweets

We encountered an interesting challenge recently, when some of our registered users couldn’t submit a help request. This was really a dilemma. Thanks to the folks who alerted us to this ironic issue, we were able to identify the bug and fix it. Now, when you want to submit a …
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Friday Tip: create a permalink to a specific slide

Yesterday a question came up on Twitter that we’d like to answer here.

Is it possible to create a permalink to a specific slide within SlideShare?

It sure is, here’s how: Let’s say you want to send someone a link to a specific slide, for example the Sustainability Performance graph …
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Community members offer great tips

We really appreciate it when members of the SlideShare community take it upon themselves to write helpful how-to articles, curate collections of their favorite presentations, and give shout-outs to apps we’ve created. This week has been particularly fruitful, starting with Kristina Allen’s guest post entitled “Top 5 SlideShare Marketing
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