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How to Present and Sell Yourself Online

who-are-youI’m constantly amazed by how many people just don’t know how to communicate their own story digitally. They may be okay in a job interview, at a cocktail party, or a run-in in the elevator, but when it comes to personal storytelling online, they become a deer in headlights.

Just …
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5 Typography Tips for Every Presenter

typography blogToday, everyone is a typographer. If you have access to a keyboard and a basic software program, you have control over typography. For instance, if you construct email, write for a blog or build presentations, you have a type of control (pun intended) over your words and letters that your …
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The Modern Presenter: Goodbye Clip Art, Hello Photos!


What grabs people’s attention today? Large, beautiful photos. Just look to your Facebook feed, Instagram and just about anywhere on the Web these days.

The same applies to presentations. Steve Jobs would have never use clip art — so why would you? Today’s presenter uses a full bleed image to …
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Starter Tips for the SlideShare Beginner

start1Whether this is your first time on SlideShare or your 100th, there’s always room to try new things and get more creative. There are, however, a few basic rules for getting the most out of the site. I have compiled 6 specific things you can do today to start leveraging …
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The Best Way to Outline Your Presentation

outlineAn impressive number of people can recite the presentation advice: “Tell them what you are going to say. Say it. Tell them what you just said.”

You know it. I know it.  Yet, few people actually embrace this presentation technique.

Why? Is it too predictable? Too boring? Personally, I think …
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How to Make the Most of Your Newsfeed

newsfeed-blog-2Someone recently asked me how I keep myself up-to-date with so much new and interesting content published on SlideShare. The answer was pretty simple: I look to my personalized newsfeed.

The newsfeed comprises the content and social actions of the SlideShare users you follow. There are ways, though, to make …
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