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Think Inside The Box For Your Next Presentation

When it comes to design, it’s all about perspective: How do you look at something? How can you change the way someone looks at something?

If you want to create a deck that stand outs, much less moves a person to change their perspective, it helps to review the principles …
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How to Combat Presentation Anxiety

Last week, we discussed the difference between fear and anxiety. Our conclusion was that most presenters actually possess more anxiety than fear when it comes to presentations and public speaking. Given that reality, I want to unpack ways in which you can combat anxiety in your next speech.

Here …
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Weekend Reading: Optimizing Your Speech and Slides

Holding someone’s full attention is a tough task these days — even if just for a few minutes. Presenters today must go above and beyond the standard PowerPoint speech. What are tips and tactics for doing this? The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Content Marketing Institute all wrote articles recently …
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Public Speaking: Fear vs. Anxiety

fear of public speakingComedian Jerry Seinfeld summed up mankind’s psychological weakness nicely when he shared his observations about how people fear public speaking more than dying. However, the reality is that only a few of us are truly fearful of public speaking. Being fearful and being nervous are two completely different emotions that …
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Using SlideShare to Attract Investors

“Show me the money!” Every business owner has heard this before. The better quote might be, “How do I show the money to get the most investment?”

With the rise of social media, video and mobile technologies, investor relations have certainly evolved in recent years. To point: Who would …
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