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The Case for Creating Series

By Nick Kellet

You’re probably hooked on at least one TV series right now. Perhaps it’s “Game of Thrones.” Or maybe it’s “Breaking Bad” or “House of Cards.” The point is, you kept coming back for more and more. What is it about serialization and brevity that attracts us as

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How to Engage Your Audience Offline and Online

A question I often get asked is how one can involve his or her audience more when giving a presentation. Creating more exercises/workshops and opening yourself up to Q&A more frequently are options, but there are a few clever tactics that can be utilized to make your presentations even more …
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Nancy Duarte: SlideDocs, the New Form of Business Communication

By Nancy Duarte

I received a text message three days ago from my niece who works at a CPA firm that delivers a lot of technical presentations. Her message said, “…Many presentations are quite boring and ineffective. Unfortunately, the information the presenters are trying to convey is actually important, but …
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