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Producing a Podcast? Read These 3 Decks First

Podcast1An estimated 33% of American adults listen to podcasts, up from 23% five years ago in 2010. No doubt, the international phenomenon of Serial is proof that audio can make a striking impact in the dense world of content (marketers, take note). Looking to record a podcast of your own? …
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Reid Hoffman: How to Turn Viewers Into Buyers


With the advent of e-books and digital publishing, traditional book publishing — and marketing — has been turned on its head. How do authors today reach their audience and, most importantly, sell copies of their books? Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn co-founder and The Start-Up of You co-author, and his team turned …
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Social Selling: The Importance of Sharing

slide-1-638 (59)In today’s world of social connectivity, top salespeople need to be information curators to attract buyers and influence buying decisions. What’s the best way to go about doing that? SlideShare’s solutions consultant, Kevin Fisher, recently explained how and why SlideShare is a powerful tool for sharing content and building …
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