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The Love Project

Photography slideshows are often the most popular presentations that we post on our Facebook page. Is it the imagery, the subject matter? Or maybe it’s that most of us need to take a break in our busy day and just let our minds breathe for a moment. On December …
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How to maximize the value of SlideShare

Over the past few weeks, several of our users have written articles sharing tips and best practices for using SlideShare. We think that our extended community will appreciate these insights, and have gathered and published them here. The articles below offer a combined 35+ tips to help you increase views …
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David Armano’s approach to preparing and delivering presentations

Our good friend David Armano is well known for his presentations at professional conferences around the world. User Experience pro and author Russ Unger recently interviewed David about how he prepares and delivers such memorable and influential presentations. David generously allowed us to to re-post the interview here.

Russ: How
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JESS3 Uses SlideShare Pro as Platform for Clients

This week we talked with Jesse Thomas, founder of JESS3, about how JESS3 uses SlideShare Pro…

Who is Jess3? Is it a person or a company?
JESS3 is a creative interactive agency that specializes in product design, branding, social media and data visualization. Based in Washington, DC JESS3 has studio …
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