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6 slideshows to get you started with Google+

With the launch of Google+ came lots of questions. Who should join? Is it another Facebook? Do I really need to add one more weapon to my social media arsenal? Early adopters of new technologies jumped for joy and implored everyone to jump in with them. The more cautious sat …
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Tips to make content your secret weapon

We’d like to call attention to something we’ve observed for quite some time. People really do recognize and appreciate valuable content, especially when it comes from their peers. By “valuable” we mean content that raises the interest, awareness, and knowledge of the person who receives it. It also can entertain, …
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Weekend homework: your career

When was the last time you updated your resume or LinkedIn profile? Even if you’re in the same position, no doubt you’ve done some new stuff that is worth sharing. Equally important…are you using social media to help connect you to a growing professional network?

In “Twitter to Tenure”, …
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