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Quirk with PayPal integration

I’m sorry to say that there has been an issue with the PayPal payment system. PayPal is no longer notifying us about transactions which is leading to a delay or failure of crediting SlideShare for Business accounts on our site.

We’re very sorry about this and are working to fix …
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Social Media Marketing Metrics in 2010

As Chief Marketing Officers develop their social media marketing strategy for 2010, they are demanding business results. That’s the message from a CMO Group/Bazzarvoice survey,

In 2009, 89% of CMOs tracked social media’s impact by using standard metrics such as site traffic, pageviews, and number of fans. However, CMOs

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Sharing is the new Sales & Marketing

This the first in a series of guest posts by Slideshare Advisor Ross Mayfield.

B2B Sales & Marketing has traditionally been driven by withholding information. A tradition that is turning on its head rapidly.

Marketing would entice a prospect with the lure of an asset, like a whitepaper. You fill …
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Should B2B companies be using social media?

If you are B2B company and wondering if you should be using social media, this article by Ayelet Noff is a great read. It talks about why and how you need to participate in social media – going beyond no of Twitter followers and Facebook fans and make sure you …
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