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Social Media Marketing Metrics in 2010

As Chief Marketing Officers develop their social media marketing strategy for 2010, they are demanding business results. That’s the message from a CMO Group/Bazzarvoice survey,

In 2009, 89% of CMOs tracked social media’s impact by using standard metrics such as site traffic, pageviews, and number of fans. However, CMOs

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Sharing is the new Sales & Marketing

This the first in a series of guest posts by Slideshare Advisor Ross Mayfield.

B2B Sales & Marketing has traditionally been driven by withholding information. A tradition that is turning on its head rapidly.

Marketing would entice a prospect with the lure of an asset, like a whitepaper. You fill …
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Should B2B companies be using social media?

If you are B2B company and wondering if you should be using social media, this article by Ayelet Noff is a great read. It talks about why and how you need to participate in social media – going beyond no of Twitter followers and Facebook fans and make sure you …
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