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API Upload Function Back Up

Dear SlideShare Community,

We are happy to announce that SlideShare’s API functionality is back on, after it had been turned off about a week ago.

Last week SlideShare was hit by set of users who were abusing the API upload tool, and loading large amounts of spam onto the site. …
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SlideShare Comes to Germany!

SlideShare ist seit jeher eine globale Ressource für professionelle Inhalte. Heute freuen wir uns, mitteilen zu können, dass die Website in Deutsch erscheint. Nun sind für deutschsprachige Mitglieder unserer Community nicht nur Präsentationen und Dokumente in Deutsch zugänglich. Ihnen ist es viel leichter, andere Inhalte zu suchen sowie ihre eigene …
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Haiku Deck + Slideshare = The Fast Track to Slide Stardom

Slidesharers, you should know that you have totally inspired us. Every time we visit, we discover amazing storytellers and fresh new ways to communicate. We’re often amazed by the beautifully designed decks we find as we browse the site.

We also know that many mere mortals struggle to make their …
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We’re fixing slow conversions

SlideShare dev team to the rescueOur system had a slow Monday so we’re experiencing some longer than usual times in converting your presentations. If you notice that your presentation doesn’t appear right away like it usually does, be assured that it will. If you’ve deleted a presentation, it may take a little longer but it …
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