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How to Build Credibility with Your Audience

create-credibility-onlinePresentations are all about building and maintaining credibility. The idea of creating trust sounds easy, but it often requires more work than you might imagine. For instance, think back on the last 5 presentations you attended. Did the presenter earn your trust? Probably not. That’s my point.

The ideas I’m …
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3 Storytelling Styles that Work for Any Presentation

Once-Upon-A-TimeGoogle the word “storytelling” and you will find endless amounts of articles, posts and books on the topic. It’s certainly a buzzword these days, and many proclaim good storytelling to be what makes successful content strategy. Yet very few have been able to master this powerful craft.

Today, I want …
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Top Design Resources for Non-Designers

design_courses_communicationSo you aren’t a professional designer but still want to create beautiful presentations — don’t worry, that’s the majority of us. Without having to shell out thousands of dollars in years of training or outsourcing, there are some resources that can help you hone your eye (and ability) for great …
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5 Powerful Ways to Close a Presentation

Man Bowing on Stage in Empty Concert HallWe live in a world of judges: You will be judged by each and every person during your next presentation.

Sound intimidating? It should be. No one ever said giving presentations is easy. So, how do you minimize the level of judgment that will be placed upon you?

For starters, …
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Welcome to the Hot Seat: Everything is your Fault!

The best way to become a great presenter -quickly- is to take responsibility for your presentation. No, wait, maybe you don’t understand. You need to take responsibility for your presentation.



At the end of the day, when it comes to your next presentation, you’re on your own.
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Presentation Fonts

Ah yes, the font

Never has something so small created such grand disasters for so many. It may seem trivial, but when it comes to incorporating text into your slides font is everything. The size and style of the lettering you choose for your presentation can make your presentation …
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Top 10 Ways to Put SlideShare to Work for You

As you know, SlideShare is one of the best ways for you to get the most out of your presentations. With SlideShare you can make connections, increase the reach of your presentations, view presentations you didn’t have the opportunity to attend, and market your work on the Internet utilizing inventive, …
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