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Zipcasting Austin

Next week as thousands of geeks descend upon Austin Texas for South-by-Southwest (SXSW), we’re hosting an open series of Zipcasts. If you don’t already know, a Zipcast is a free and social web conference built upon SlideShare. Starting next Monday anyone who wants to give a presentation can in two …
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Go Pro

Pro AnalyticsToday’s SlideShare Pro subscriptions launch has got the web buzzing. Professionals, Small Businesses and Enterprises have been using SlideShare Pro while in beta as a new cornerstone in their social media strategy.

SlideShare is the fastest growing external social media site Dell is engaging through, said George Palantine, Dell
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Barcamp Channel

BarcampI had the dubious honor of hosting the first Barcamp in Palo Alto, with a Socialtext wiki and office, of course. Since then, Barcamp has been a worldwide phenomenon that has turned events on its head. The Open Space methodology truly had democratized how people can come together. First designed …
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