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Should B2B companies be using social media?

If you are B2B company and wondering if you should be using social media, this article by Ayelet Noff is a great read. It talks about why and how you need to participate in social media – going beyond no of Twitter followers and Facebook fans and make sure you …
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Conversion problems on slideshare

We would like to apologize for the recent delays/problems in converting uploaded files – we have been experiencing some technical difficulties with our conversion system. I work with the conversion team and we are aware of this problem and working hard on fixing it as soon as possible.

Leave a …
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SlideShare XING-Anwendung jetzt auch in Deutsch

SlideShare screenshot

Wir freuen uns, bekannt geben, dass SlideShare XING-Anwendung ist jetzt in deutscher

Oops… We’re pleased to announce that SlideShare XING application is now available in German language too. This should come handy for our users from Germany!

If you are a user, just set your language preference to German …
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