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SlideShare ‘Holiday Spirit Contest 2009’ – Voting Ends

Voting on the SlideShare Holiday Spirit Contest 2009 has ended on the 5th. The winners for the contest will be announced in a couple of days.

As always, before finalising the contest results, we will run our exhaustive check to detect any voting malpractises. This will involve anti spam algorithms …
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Identifying users who are spamming the Zeitgeist

As SlideShare has grown, it has attracted more people. Not surprisingly, it has also attracted some spammers. On looking closer into it, we realize that there are different types of spam.

One is the drive-by spammer who uploads some spammy content and leaves. Its relatively easy to identify this and …
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Spam votes in the SlideShare Zeitgeist

Not surprisingly, we have found some spammy nomination patterns in the Zeitgeist. Without going into specifics, we found patterns where a few voters are making hundreds of nominations, nominating the same person everytime. This seems to be a systmatic, and very different than normal voting patterns.

We are removing …
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