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Announcing branded channels on SlideShare

We just unwrapped a new section of the site called Channels. If you go there, you will see channels or communities with content from Microsoft, Adobe, Razorfish and EPA among others.

SlideShare channels are branded spaces for businesses and brands. They provide an extra bit of oomph for companies …
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How to get more qualified leads with LeadShare

Many of you have been asking us – what is the best way to use LeadShare? Well, it depends on your business problem, but there are some simple things you can do to get more qualified leads with LeadShare

1) My content does the qualification
Look at your content – …
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Haiti Earthquake: SlideShare Community Reacts

The SlideShare community responded with lot of care and empathy, in the wake of the recent unfortunate events that ensued in Haiti. Many a presentations from our users, have tried to capture the plight of the Haitians, and make the people of the world aware of the goings on.

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Quirk with PayPal integration

I’m sorry to say that there has been an issue with the PayPal payment system. PayPal is no longer notifying us about transactions which is leading to a delay or failure of crediting SlideShare for Business accounts on our site.

We’re very sorry about this and are working to fix …
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What does it really mean to create content?

One of the new mantras of social media is that you need to create content to connect with people. But what does that really mean? Should you start hiring bloggers? Or should you start creating videos? presentations? What type of content? This presentation from Barbra Gago below answers that question.…
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