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5 Ways to Become Like Aldo

This is a bi monthly guest post from Scott Schwertly of Ethos 3. He will be regularly blogging on the SlideShare site. Welcome Scott!

Most of us have had the privilege this summer to meet the most Inglorious of all Bastards, Lt. Aldo Raine. He is the hillbilly straight …
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How to give a lousy presentation

Business Week columnist Carmine Gallo writes about how to give a lousy presentation. Some of the techniques for lousy presentations include “creating distracting color combinations”, “using wild animations”.

Go here to read the whole article. Good read to remind yourself what not to do when giving presentations. …
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SlideShare beats YouTube for name searches

If you want to rank high for searches on your name which social media channel should you use? This blogpost by Duane “DJ” Sprague describes a test of different channels for search visibility for his name. The experiment was over a 72 hour period.

SlideShare appears to be more effective

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How do you use SlideShare?

We want to hear about your adventures on SlideShare. Do you have a SlideShare account for business or personal reasons? We know there’s a wide variety of users ranging from teachers uploading lesson plans to social media agencies promoting client content to speakers posting their slides. But we also know …
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