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Design Philosophies From the Masters

When creating a presentation, it’s easy to get caught up focusing on the content — after all, it is the meat of any deck. But we can’t forget that if this information is not presented in an engaging way, its impact will not be as great. In other words: Design …
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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Stock Photography

As presentations continue to evolve, it is always great to see presenters opting for photography over heavy text usage or the dreaded bullet point. In that same breath, it’s also a shame to see so many presentations littered with poorly chosen stock photos.

It doesn’t have to be this way.…
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How to Repurpose Your Speaker Deck for the Web

After spending hours building and designing your presentation, it’s easy to think that it has served its purpose once your speech is over. Don’t stop there! You can maximize its reach and potential by spending just a few minutes re-purposing it for the web. You likely delivered your presentation to …
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