Webinar Recording: How to Succeed on SlideShare

How do you get featured on the SlideShare homepage? What are tips for customizing content for the platform? And how do you build a successful campaign around a SlideShare?  Todd Wheatland (Kelly Services), Jesse Noyes (Kapost) and I discussed all those topics and more in a webinar today. For those of you who may have missed it, or want to hear it again, here’s the recording of the session.

Among the best practices we covered:

  • -7 insider tips for getting featured on SlideShare
  • -How to customize your content to maximize reach and influence
  • -Tips from the most successful SlideShare contributors out there

What are your tips for success on SlideShare? Share them in the comments below!

Webinar: Success on SlideShare

  • http://remotepossibilities.wordpress.com/ Craig Hadden

    Did you realise there’s 20 minutes of hold music at the start? Most people won’t bother trying to find where the content actually begins!

  • http://remotepossibilities.wordpress.com/ Craig Hadden

    Also, here’s a unique way to respond visually during Q&A, to keep people’s eyes from wandering off. Comments and critiques very welcome: