Help Us Improve SlideShare

The SlideShare team is constantly working on improving our users’ experience, and we would love to get your input and feedback! We are looking for a few SlideShare users to visit our New Delhi office, and help us by participating in approximately 30 minutes of usability testing. We’ll have goodies for you. As an added benefit, you’ll get a chance to meet the SlideShare team and help build tools used by millions of people!

Interested? Contact arun at slideshare dot com to schedule a visit.

2 Responses to “Help Us Improve SlideShare”

  1. Tejaswi Raghurama

    i am far away from the capital. Won’t be able to make it :(. First feedback/input would be to change the homepage. The current page looks like a features page of a application. I loved the old homepage with its ease of discovery and viral stats. Today, no presentation no frontpage presi gets more than 5k views. For a reason. Quality of content is same but homepage is not working