Slidecasts to be Discontinued

We are shutting down Slidecast on April 30, 2014. We launched Slidecast in 2007 to allow users to synchronize audio with their slides. While we have seen some great Slidecasts over the years, usage has not been as widespread as we had hoped.

Slidecast will be retired in two phases:
– The ability to create and edit Slidecasts will end on Feb. 28, 2014
– Existing Slidecasts will be converted to static presentations on SlideShare on April 30, 2014

To save Slidecast files in their original form, creators can download their Slidecasts from their ‘My Uploads’ section by April 30, 2014. After April 30, we will convert existing Slidecasts (on the SlideShare site and embeds on other sites) into stand-alone, static presentations, so that there is not complete loss of content.

We are sad that Slidecasts are going away, but it makes more sense to focus our energy on building new and innovative ways for our users to share presentations. Thank you for your support.

29 Responses to “Slidecasts to be Discontinued”

  1. lane halley

    To people who find this post and are looking for help. If you are looking for a way to archive your slidecasts, I’ve had pretty good results using Apple Quicktime Player to turn them into movies. Choose “new screen recording,” make sure sound recording is turned on (little triangle drop down shows the menu). When you start the recording, you can “drag to record part of the screen.” I’m sad slidecasts are going away. One of my top three slideshares in 2013 was a slidecast and I believe it was the power of audio that made the presentation more powerful.

  2. Timothy Nichols

    If you generate your presentation in PowerPoint 2013, you can add the audio content directly in PowerPoint and then export as an MP4 for distribution on YouTube or Vimeo.

  3. Mark Traphagen

    Thanks for that tip @disqus_6rcgHEW2hQ:disqus. I may start publishing my decks on YouTube instead of Slideshare. This is a backwards move that will greatly diminish the value of my decks.

    Like many good presenters, I’m moving to more visual slide decks. Now on Slideshare these will have no narrative context, and will be virtually value-less to my readers.

    Slideshare, a better option here would have been to move Slidecast to a Pro (paid) feature, or to let us pay to use it as an upgrade. I would have paid for it.

  4. Irmeli Pietilä

    Too bad!
    There are many services, which allow slidesync, but to my knowledge Slideshare has been the only one to offer an option to sync an existing mp3-file (e.g. recorded at a live presentation). Many speakers get extra boost from the audience, and such recordings are much more interesting than the ones recorded in the solitude of one’s study! Like others have already remarked, I believe there could have been a potential user base for a Pro account with this feature. (Too bad that my favorite slidecasts from Tarmot will no longer be available here!)

  5. Anna Finke

    Make it a paid option. The future of good presentations lies in visuals. I always found the slideshare page rather useless for great presentations in reality (since anything with too much text barely captures the audience) but with slidecast the presentations were more feasible. Strategically a bad move, I strongly believe there will be a transition to visuals and then you guys will have taken the only chance to properly present it on slideshare from yourselves.

  6. judamasmas

    Any way I see this, it’s a mistake like with Google Reader. Presentations with Slidecasts have way more views than the presentations without audio. This is one of the best and unique Slideshare features, so by killing it I don’t know if you are killing the service as well… Anyway, best of luck “on building new and innovative ways for our users to share presentations” without this useful feature.

  7. Alan Levine

    Sad. Bad. Thumbs Down. Maybe do not allow it going forward, but why removed functionality form existing content? This makes holes in the web.

    Bad slideshare, bad.

  8. Fernette

    yes – this is a tragedy! This as the only reason I kept a pro account – I wish that you allowed created slidecasts to continue to exist.

  9. John S

    I work at a company that used slide shoes as a way of sharing the status of your sales territory. I looked forward to this and placed a lot of effort into it. I wish the tools of today were available.

  10. Mark Traphagen

    The continued silence of any response on this from Slideshare either here or on social media indicates what happens too often when a startup gets acquired (in this case by LinkedIn. They just stop caring.

  11. slideshareblog

    Thank you to everyone for your comments and feedback. This decision was made after a lot of discussion, and we appreciate your continued support of SlideShare.

  12. Mark Traphagen

    A lot of discussion….but none apparently from your actual users, whom you ignored here until I publicly called you out for it.

    And now this brief, dismissive, “thanks for your comments which meant absolutely nothing” response.

    You guys need serious help with your customer service and social media effectiveness. Really.

    Brands can’t mollify their users and customers these days by ignoring them or by making dismissive canned responses.

    Before this removal of Slidecast I was seriously considering paying for a pro SlideShare account. Removing Slidecast (and especially removing it from existing decks!) was a first blow to that. But your cavalier response on the issue has sealed the deal. You will get no money from me.

  13. P. Stephen Lamont

    Very disappointed. As an entertainment video technology company we have gotten rave reviews providing easy listening music along with a 1-2 slide description of every technology. While I have embedded the same .wav files in PowerPoint 2007 there is no way to upload to our website in Slide Show format that allows the music to play. We will be discontinuing use of SlideShare on or before April 28, sorry…

  14. Michelle Hughes

    This has been a huge headache for me … I had just created about 15 presentations using slideshare–all for my job. Now those are all useless. What a waste of my time. I will never use this Website again, and I plan on telling everyone else I know not to use it. What a waste.

  15. Graham Atherton

    I have 60 slidecasts recorded with your service. Having read your news that slidecast is to be discontinued I have tried to download my slidecasts as dascribed in your FAQ. I find that I cannot download slidecasts, only slides or audio separately. This is no longer a synchronised slide/audio product.

    There has been hundreds of hours of work put into these slidecasts – please advise immediately how I can recover my synchronised presentations. I have spent all of today trying to find a way to do this already.

  16. Jamison Flinn

    Hi ?Graham — My name is Jamison and I’m the Sr. Customer Support Specialist here at SlideShare. I’m sorry to hear you’re having difficulty downloading your SlideCast. Could you please reach out to me at so I may investigate?


  17. KDS

    Yes, I would pay for it. I don’t know of any other options to simply put words with the slides.

    I guess this means I have to figure how to do this on YouTube.

  18. dkschneider

    There was no discussion with the user community. When considering between the PRO membership with Slideshare and the Pro Prezzi, I elected Prezzi because they demonstrated a dedication to maintaining the library for Pro Members. You have PRO members that dedicated real time and money into a service that is going to disappear. Bad deal.

  19. John Stapleton

    I would agree with some of the other posts. Make Slidecast a paid service. Why destroy something that is unique when unique is in pretty short supply

  20. Yannick Régnier

    My very deep disappointment added to the others.

    We have published as a French NGO specialised on renewable energy around 50 slidecasts, all above concrete experiences from mayors, associations, communities, farmers, companies, etc… working day by day, in the field, on the energy transition. Trying to fight, with only very little money available on our side, through the lateral power brought by sharing ideas and experiences, with the crucial help of social network, against global energy companies acting and lobbying for a business as usual approach made of oil, shale gas, nuclear power…

    Today Slideshare kills not far a month work on our side, acting simply as any other global company and thinking for the shareholders against the stakeholders.

    I am very sad that the germs of a collaborative society to which Slideshare was contributing, is now vanishing with no other argument that a slap in the face of users.

  21. Graham

    Noooooo! SlideCast is awesome. Given that you’ve already implemented it, surely it can’t take much to support keeping it? Please reconsider. Graham

  22. rene de paula jr

    this is not only a bad move as it is also very disrespectful with everybody who published slidecasts… you could at least keep the old slidecasts working, instead of making them useless and meaningless. I am deeply disappointed with your decision, and I really hope that some competitor shows up with more respect for its users.

  23. Jon Reed

    Adding to the chorus of voices here baffled by this decision, which lacks a forward thinking quality. Narrated visual content has huge added value. It would have been well worth keeping this as a paid feature for those who chose to pay for it. I think you would have found an enthusiastic reception rather than this cesspool of disappointment and lost possibilities.

  24. Derek

    I guess I’m late to the party. I was re-vamping my LinkedIn profile by connecting it to my Slidecasts only to realize that 1) it’s not a feature anymore and 2) my audio, which I spent a lot of time synchronizing, is gone. They were uploaded to a company account that I’m no longer a part of, so I didn’t get any of the notification emails.

    I’m surprised that with LinkedIn’s resources features like that need to be cut.

  25. Dan Olsen

    A great alternative is Penxy The Penxy app avoids the need to synchronize your audio with your slides after the fact because it does real-time recording while you present your slides. I’ve found it a great replacement for Slidecasts.