Weekend Reading: Finding the Superhero Within

Need some help with those New Year’s resolutions? Before you make yet another laundry list of goals that will fall to the wayside, gather some insight from the pros — the superheroes (real or fictional) that know how to get sh*t done. With their advice and expertise, you’ll be checking off those resolutions instead of crossing them out.

Here are 3 SlideShares that will get you inspired, empowered and motivated to start the new year off with a bang:

More Power to You

From Richard Branson to Donald Trump and John D. Rockefeller, these powerful people share words of wisdom on failure, loyalty, intuition and more.

Run the World

For the “Superwoman” in all of us, see how female executives like Marissa Mayer and Arianna Huffington have overcome their challenges. Find out how starting their own ventures helped them learn and ultimately succeed:

Become a Superhero Without a Superpower

Sometimes all you need to make yourself feel like a superhero is doing something as simple as helping others. This infographic provides 9 rules to becoming a superhero (yes, there is a superhero within us all!). Rule #1: “You have to listen harder than normal people do.”

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