SlideShare Contest: What’s Your Startup Story?


Now that summer’s over, we’re back to the full swing of things and starting our SlideShare upload campaigns again! This month’s contest: My Startup Story. And we have a bonus this time, too — a panel of celebrity judges, who will each select a winner!

THE CONTEST: Every person, product, team and company started somewhere — tell us that story. What were your beginnings and how did you get to where you are now? What were the challenges, turning points, aha moments and lessons learned? Be creative — this could be the story of how a team came together, how a product evolved or how you became the person you are today — but the emphasis is on telling a good story about the startup of ____.

HOW TO ENTER: Upload your startup story by Sept. 30, 2013 and make sure to tag it MyStartupStory.

HOW TO WIN: We’ll have five winners this month, and each winner will get a free SlideShare PRO account. The first way to win is to garner the most number of cumulative social shares on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. We’ll also have four celebrity judges picking their favorite stories. The judges — all stars in the startup scene — are (pictured left to right):

Don’t forget you win bragging rights, too!

Need some inspiration for your presentation? Here are some examples (view all submissions on the My Startup Story page):

Once you upload, don’t forget to share your SlideShare on your social media channels, embed it on other sites and get others to like it and do the same. Share and like your favorite My Startup Stories, too.

Good luck, and we look forward to seeing your startup story!

14 Responses to “SlideShare Contest: What’s Your Startup Story?”

  1. Gloria Feldt

    Wait, wait!! All your judges are men. Are there no women qualified to judge this contest? Come on. Women are now starting 1/3 of new ventures. And
    startups are more likely to be successful when they have more women in their leadership. Let’s see you make your panel 50-50.

  2. Craig H.

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  3. Craig H.

    Please help me “get the balls rolling in the right direction for our economic recovery” by buying these now!
    Thank you!
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  4. judith ORMAZABAL VEGA

    He vivido una vida loca, he tomado decisiones equivocadas muchas veces, he hecho lo que no debì hacer, tome, comì, fume y dije lo que no se debe. He sobrepasado todos los limites socialmente establecidos, he llegado a ocupar cargos importantisimos con profesionales bajo mi mando, he dormido y convivido con indigentes y delincuentes. He estudiado tres profesiones, y disfrutado de la profesión mas antigua del mundo, he ejercido cargos publicos y privados. He sido 4 veces esposa, y madre de un hijo y he criado 5 hijos de otras madres. He perdido la libertad y la he vivido sin limite alguno. He viajado cuando he querido y he disfrutado del mar, de las montañas, del desierto y de la lluvia. Me he equivocado mas veces que yo misma y aun así quiero seguir equivocandome. He estado a punto de perder la vida por agresión y busque a mis agresores para que me dijieran el porque..y no tuve miedo. He confiado en muchas personas y me han fallado pero aun asi les he vuelto a tender la mano y me han vuelto a fallar pero no tengo rencor, no desconfianza ni he perdido la esperanza a que cambiaran…Escribi un libro de 462 paginas y aun no lo termino..estuve sola tan sola que mis unicos amigos eran la noche y la soledad y hoy estoy nuevamente enamorada, y en una ciudad que nunca jamas imagine que existía…no tengo creditos en tienda ni bancos, no tengo ninguna responsabilidad ni social ni trabajo en el sistema privado ni publico porque cometí una falta a la sociedad hurtando sin tener necesidad pero fue una experiencia que quise vivir y por la cual ya no puedo ejercer mi profesión porque quedó en mis antecedentes lo que hice..yamostres o le comente mis experiencias..porque simplemente son mias y las comence a vivir luego de haber criado y educado a mi hijo. Finalmente tome un computador y pensé quiero ganar un sueldo para mis gustos, sin salir de mi casa y sin horarios ni vínculos con el sistema social..
    Y asi lo hice…tengo mi empresa..cree mi pagina web y les hago la pega a los que no saben como hacerla y que tienen un trabajo publico y/o privado y por esa pega , cobro lo suficientemente muy bien porque la pega que les hago se las hago excelentemente bien, innovadoras, de lujo. Ahora gano 1.500.000 mensual..para mi solita , sin pagarle un peso a nadie…libre de impuestos y en aumento. ESTOY PLENAMENTE ORGULLOSA DE TODO LO QUE HECHO EN LA VIDA..Y SEGUIRE HACIENDO HASTA CUANDO DEJE DE RESPIRAR..


    Goodmorning. three dayw ago i upload #MyStartupstory made in Greece. it is a great experience and i really enjoy right now. moreover i have a question. since is a competition should all of (the contentants)have equal changes? pls let us know how you choose your picks since views is not the main criteria. thank you again, Dionissios Argiropoulos

  6. Pradeep Gohil

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  7. Ahmed

    I think the person must do more than talked and all person have brain can creative high thing in this world the idea impossible finish as long as have creative brain …i encourage all subjects and all person did until create success story for a person ^_^
    Ms.Gloria Feldt i agree your opinion for must have women because now the women can create creative thing like a man or more than this …….^_*

  8. Anthony M. Grimaldi

    I wish to upload and share my start-up story to Slideshare’s upload contest, “My Startup Story”. However, when I visit the My Startup Story page , there isn’t an appropriate procedure or place available to upload my story. Where and how can I upload my story?

  9. Thomas Delange

    People should have more activities with how to share and communicate with each other instead of using internet and having online chat. I will think about the topic of reality and illusion.

  10. Shalin

    This is a good opportunity for the entrepreneurs out there to share their stories and we can learn many things from them. Some stories can be very inspirational for a future business