SlideShare Users Visit Our SF Office!


Harriete Berman paid us a visit!

Last week we asked SlideShare users to come visit our office in San Francisco and give us feedback on the SlideShare mobile experience. One user who came in was Harriete Berman — and she blogged about her visit. Check out her blog and what she said about visiting us!

This week, we would like to continue inviting more SlideShare users to visit and help us improve our mobile experience. The SlideShare team is constantly working on improving our users’ experience on mobile devices, and we would love to get your input and feedback. We are looking for a few SlideShare users to visit us in San Francisco this week and help us by participating in approximately 30 minutes of mobile usability testing. As an added benefit, you’ll get a chance to meet the SlideShare team and share your feedback!

Interested? Contact to schedule a visit.

1 Response to “SlideShare Users Visit Our SF Office!”

  1. Harriete Estel Berman

    Thanks Andri! It was a memorable afternoon to visit SlideShare. Despite my extensive experience with SlideShare with 30+ SlideShare presentations, I was a little concerned about whether I would be savvy enough to drop into a new environment, and test a new platform, on a new cell phone….and have someone watch me the whole time. NO problem! It was fun! I highly recommended being a “tester” for SlideShare.
    Your greatest SlideShare Fan.
    Harriete Estel Berman