How I Hacked SlideShare to Optimize Twitter

shutterstock_251478760Kevin Baldacci is a content marketing analyst for Salesforce’s Desk.comHe is the key architect behind’s content marketing campaigns, which include SlideShare strategy, content creation and social lead generation. He shares a new strategy on SlideShare that optimizes Twitter engagement:

During my early years in social marketing at InsideView, Koka Sexton, who is now a senior social marketing manager at LinkedIn, introduced me to a free social media service called ClickToTweet. This beautiful tool is one of the handiest things that I have in my content marketing tool belt – especially in conjunction with SlideShare.

All great marketers should not simply ask the question, “How do I create the best quality content,” but also consider: “How do I create the most engaging content?” On SlideShare, how do you create an engaging presentation that users share with their friends, who then share with their friends?

Following my first couple of weeks at Salesforce’s, I created a deck called “50 Customer Service Quotes You NEED to Hang In Your Office,” which currently has more than 205,000 views. Right off the bat I knew this was going to be a great deck and  would receive a lot of attention — people love quotes and they love to tweet about them. However, I did not want users to be limited to only sharing the deck along with the title. I wanted viewers to actually tweet the quotes!

That is why I came up with a way for viewers to tweet an actual quote from an individual slide. Click here to see what I mean, and view the presentation below for step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

The point of this content strategy is to allow users to share “bite size” pieces of content from within your deck. In order to maximize the effectiveness, make sure you create a deck that contains tidbits of interesting content. This may include:

  • -Quotes
  • -Facts/stats about your industry
  • -Business insights
  • -Key takeaways from a webinar slide deck

My greatest piece of advice is to be creative. Ever since I have established this content strategy, I have constantly found new ways to implement it into my SlideShare campaigns. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment. After all, this entire strategy came into being from a series of content marketing experiments.

The Results

If you search #DeskQuote on Twitter, you’ll see that more than 500 people have clicked the slide tweet buttons in the Customer Service Quotes deck — and people still are to this day! The beauty about this strategy is that its virality is self-sustaining. Usually a content piece runs out of steam because of time. However, by optimizing your content for viewers to easily share pieces of info with their Twitter followers, along with a link back to your SlideShare, it extends the shelf life. People keep sharing the deck with their friends, who share with their friends and so on.

Still don’t believe this is a great new strategy for SlideShare? In the first three months that launched on SlideShare, we generated more than 300,000 views from our content, along with over 3,000 leads – and absolutely no advertising dollars behind any of our campaigns.

Photo: rvlsoft/Shutterstock

20 Responses to “How I Hacked SlideShare to Optimize Twitter”

  1. Barry Feldman

    I’ve done a little of this myself. I guess it’s the Acrobat routine that turns me off about it. Great strategy though. Wish it didn’t have to be a hack. Might be time for SlideShare to build the functionality: win/win for everyone.

  2. Barry Feldman

    Question: the links that get clicked are all the same, right? The page where your deck is located. The links don’t (or can’t) take you to a specific page within the deck, correct?

  3. Shonta Pimpare

    I tried clicking the twitter bird. It’s cool. Creating such Slide Share needs a little more time. It’s worth it anyway.

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  7. Kelvin

    By the way, how did you get to write this? I’ve got a few hacks of my own that I’d love to share. The more you give, the more you get right? 😉 Thanks again!

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