Mary Meeker’s State of the Internet: Good, Bad or Somewhere In-Between?

internet-100016261-large500 million photos are uploaded every day. Sharing of digital information has grown 9 times in five years. And China is leading the digital charge. If you haven’t seen it already, “Queen of the ‘Net” Mary Meeker has uploaded her latest report on Internet trends.

Among the highlights: Emerging markets continue to lead in the 8% year-over-year growth in global Internet users, with China adding the most (264 million users from 2008-2012). And while 81% of users are outside of the U.S., 80% of the top 10 global internet properties were made in the U.S. (Google, Microsoft and Facebook are at the top of that list.) Another interesting international comparison: Americans are under sharers. Just 15% of Americans report that they share “everything” or “most things” online, compared to a world average of 24%. Saudi Arabians are the world’s biggest sharers and the Japanese share the least.

Here’s the full report:

Meeker isn’t the only one to report on just how profoundly technology and the Web have changed our lives — and will continue to do so. Twist Image president and author Mitch Joel recently uploaded a selection of pretty astounding facts on our digital age. Did you know that Google’s advertising revenue is bigger than that of the entire U.S. print industry? Check out more stats:

And digital strategy consultant Benedict Evans delves into the mobile world with his latest presentation, “Mobile is Eating the World.” Among his findings: Smartphones and tablets are leading the mobile charge, dragging along the Internet and media, and “this is changing everything.”

What’s your reaction to these new reports? Do you agree with the predictions? What’s the best way to adapt to all this change? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


43 Responses to “Mary Meeker’s State of the Internet: Good, Bad or Somewhere In-Between?”

  1. Greger

    Wow, that’s some awesome information. I didn’t know that the tablets had overrun PC’s too. Thought it was just mobile phones. I really enjoyed that, thanks. I’m new to this platform, but now I got the urge to do my own slide to share!

  2. tratamiento de las úlceras

    It stands about Google and every day away more cake growing global advertising, for example in Germany and is the second medium for advertising, offset radio and other media, approaching the average television is king still, but only just.
    interesting article, I’ll read it in more detail, I really liked about China.

  3. Abbas Baig

    Great read! good insight on emerging trends and of course mobile technology was bound to dominate.

  4. Wini' Miebofa

    Are we getting to the time when businesses can only done via the Internet? My most important concern is verification of transactions so no one has the slightest opportunity to dupe another.

  5. Femi-Stevens

    Great read, thoughts and insight! We can only imagine the impacts of the IoT (Internet of Things). Also the aspects of convergence and singularity. The possibilities, wonders and surprises in the nearest future are endless. Great job

  6. Sandy Lender

    It’s intriguing to see “Behavioral Patterns” as such a large contributor to premature death in U.S. population in this context. If we dig deeper into that slide, it shows that “behavior” includes such negatives as smoking and alcohol as significant factors in behavioral contributors. We can also see that the information is from 2007, so the incidence of distracted drivers, distracted walkers, etc., may be higher by now and may factor more significantly into safety issues for the population. It would be good to learn more about if we’re going to encourage marketing through mobile sources.

  7. Redrovan

    Me parece una excelente y actualizada investigación. No por facilismo, pero es muy difícil atrapar los conceptos con los traductores disponibles. ¿Hay alguna manera de contar con esta versión en español? Gracias muchas, por adelantado. A la autora y a todos los que contesten…

  8. Steve Ulrich

    Thank you for sharing the presentation. I was at a Gartner conference in the early 2000’s where they predicted Eyewear Browsers for the year 2020. Technology is moving so fast, we’re way ahead of that curve. Great presentation and an eye-opener about Video. The growth of video and uploads to YouTube are amazing – this presentation gives a really good flavor for what is out there now, and what’s coming.

  9. Dafne

    Awesome information. Nowadays it is really important to know this kind of information in order to improve technology. Great job!

  10. Charles

    Not surprising… The challenge is in our becoming-very-antiquated cell system and our slow “broadband” service. How will they prevent or impact maximizing the mobile potential…

  11. Jassen Bowman

    Very interesting information, thanks for posting! The most interesting thing to me was the statistic regarding more humans having a mobile device than access to clean drinking water and electricity. I’m all for technology growth, but there is something seriously wrong with this particular situation.

  12. Christian Erickson

    Are more people consuming information than creating it? I use my iMac only for Final Cut, Creative Suite and WordPress. Everything else I do is pretty much on my iPad. That being said, I cannot live without both…OK, I could live without both but…:-)

  13. Jorge Cañizares

    La tecnología avaza en el siglo XXI. Es impresionante

  14. Victor

    Gracias gente de slide share, todo es de gran ayuda, con esto ustedes también facilitan el acceso a la cultura del conocimiento, a la universalidad, de eso se trata. Imaginen si los grandes sabios no hubieran dado lo que investigaron, no habría lo que tenemos. Viva la navegación gratis. Felicidades.

  15. Redrovan

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  16. Worldsavior


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  17. Worldsavior


    I am sorry, I do not speak Spanish. As I understand, you ask whether the Immunizer really is the greatest discovery in history. Yes, that is the most incredible discovery, for it guarantees everybody to be untouchable for any diseases all the time, all life long. You can rest assured about that.

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  18. Worldsavior

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  19. Redrovan

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  22. Worldsavior

    Yes, everybody on Earth will become independent of any drugs and will stay absolutely healthy. Of course big pharma will be against it. I really don’t know how to proceed.

  23. Mark Edwards

    This is just the natural progression of technology’s use by man. Since time began, everyone has had a need to communicate and share information.
    First came runners who ran messages.
    Then came flag signals, smoke signals, and drums.
    Then the printing press.
    Then the Pony Express.
    Then the telegraph.
    Then the phone.
    Then the desktop PC,
    Followed by the desktop PC with a phone line,
    Followed by the desktop PC with a phone line with internet access,
    Followed by the laptop PC with internet access,
    Followed by a mobile phone with internet access.
    and – finally now – a smartphone!
    However, you won’t see corporate accountants balancing the company books on tablets or grad students writing their thesis on smartphones. There are some things that PCs are still needed for, even though most of the stuff we use to do with them when they were the only game in town is now done with other technology.
    At the rate technology is changing, Justin Bieber’s kids will be saying “com’on dad! get rid of that old, outdated, clunky smartphone. It is so “old-tech”. You need to join the 22nd century and get the new telepathic brainwave communicator and thought-to-object creator technology!”

    …and so it goes, ad nauseum!

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