Help Us Test Our New Mobile Navigation Design

20130515 mobile redesignMany of you have told us navigating slides on mobile devices needs improvement. We agree. We have been working hard to come up with a better way for you to view slides in a simple, smooth and fast manner on any mobile device.

We are excited to share with you what’s been cooking in our kitchen: a new and different way to navigate slides on mobile devices. We would love your feedback on how this experience compares to the current mobile interface. This will help us decide if we should switch to this new design or continue to improve our current slide navigation design.

To access this new mobile design, add the text “?new=1” to the end of any SlideShare URL from your mobile device.  Please tweet your feedback to @SlideShare and include the hashtag #MobileSlideRedesign.


5 Responses to “Help Us Test Our New Mobile Navigation Design”

  1. Michael Reyes

    Funny, most of the PowerPoints in your collection of the “Best Presentations” all seem to do exactly what the “YousSuckatPowerPoint” presentation says not to do. Bad font choices, bad design, too much copy, 100+ slides, etc.

  2. lipi

    i hope it can be modified to ensure that it is compatible with all mobile handset as compared to the application that i got from there is still room for improvement. it is good to see that you have started to respond to user query.