How to Milk SlideShare for Moo’ Homepage Love

First of all, we love the presentation”How to Milk SlideShare for Moo’ Traffic.” It has all the elements of a great, homepage-worthy SlideShare: It’s visual, informative, to-the-point — and funny. We featured it as a Top Presentation and it’s been viewed more than 67,000 times in less than a week.

Hoffman is spot-on in her deck:  The “Hot on…” sections at the  bottom of the SlideShare homepage are populated through algorithms, so the best way of landing there is to have your viewers share your presentations on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn — which also helps boost your traffic. And the Top Presentations and Featured section on the homepage are, indeed, hand-curated by the SlideShare team.
Hoffman’s rules for getting “moo’ ” traffic — use keywords, embed on other sites, enlist the help of your viewers and share on social media — are all great advice for promoting your content on your own. But how, exactly, do you land in Featured or as a Top Presentation?
Alas, twiddling your thumbs, hoping for that premium homepage promotion, will only get you so far. But getting there is well worth it: We’ve seen views to a deck featured in Top Presentations go up by more than 18,000%!
While there isn’t an exact science to how we select presentations for the homepage — you are fully at the mercy and whim of the SlideShare editors (cue  evil laugh) — there are a few general guidelines we can share:

1. Have a Powerful Headline: A clear, succinct headline that is both intriguing and gets your message across is critical for top promotion.
2. Create an Enticing Cover Page: This is equally important, as it, along with the headline, is the first thing people see. Keep it simple, yet visual — all while clearly conveying what the presentation is about.

3. Be Well-Designed and Informative: We look for presentations that are visual but also insightful and have a strong storyline. The design of a presentation is just as important as the content in it — and it all must flow together to keep a viewer interested, informed and engaged.

4. Tackle a Hot Topic: We feature lots of great SlideShare content that is evergreen and can be relevant for years. But we especially like presentations that are relevant to the latest news, trends and buzz topics.

We try to spread the homepage love to a variety of topics, presentation styles, content types and users, so keep being creative and uploading. And keep on milking and mooing!

15 Responses to “How to Milk SlideShare for Moo’ Homepage Love”

  1. Michael

    Great presentation! Insightful and humorous and great images. Ill have to start thinking of moo things to put in presentations!

  2. TJ Greene | How To WordPress 2.0

    Great article, I’m glad to see Ana getting the recognition she deserves!

    She is an expert at generating buzz AND traffic to websites, hence the name of her site – TrafficGenerationCafé.com. I’ve been following her for awhile now and she always gives rock solid, actionable advice that drives traffic to any site.

    For anyone interested, she goes into great detail on exactly how she creates successful Slideshares in this post – “Slideshare Traffic Case Study: From 0 to 243,000 Views in 30 Days” –

    Best Regards,
    TJ Greene

  3. Alain Iyeti

    L’intérêt de slide share est de partager avec un horizon plus grand les présentations

  4. Patricia

    Gostei muito dos slides! suas
    Parabéns pela criatividade, clareza de expressão, naturalidade em expressar suas idéias e informações. Obrigado pelos slides .
    veryy good!
    Se possível mande outros para mim em português, por favor!
    Very interesting!


    I am so grateful for this because it all my future plans