SlideShare Content Ads on LinkedIn

Guest Post by Aviad Pinkovezky on the new SlideShare Content Ads that provide a paid option for gaining targeted engagement and sales leads with rich SlideShare content. With the new content ads, SlideShare & LinkedIn provide a strong set of earned, owned and paid options for social content marketing.

Brands have a new opportunity to share content with LinkedIn’s professional audience using SlideShare Content Ads, the latest addition to LinkedIn’s expanding Content Ads portfolio. Similar to display ads, Content Ads reach a targeted audience of professionals on LinkedIn. However, they differ in that they enable our members to engage with your content without ever leaving the LinkedIn experience.

LinkedIn’s Content Ads portfolio provides companies the ability to deliver content-rich experiences by featuring videos, blog posts, company news, and updates. Now for the first time, brands can showcase content as SlideShare presentations. Check out how it works:

On LinkedIn, our members are actively consuming and sharing information and insights. With SlideShare Content Ads, we combine SlideShare’s rich, professionally-relevant content with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions’ unique targeting capabilities.

We’re excited about this integration because we know that presentations are a great way to educate, engage and even entertain audiences. We’re also testing more features that give brands the ability to collect leads directly from SlideShare content, and extend their reach through social gestures including “Likes” and “Shares.”

We began this effort with GE and Constant Contact as our initial partners. With today’s launch, we are giving all companies the ability to share content to their unique audiences in our professional context.

Making professional content easily available to our members is part of our mission to provide ways to make them more productive and successful. Contact us to learn more about how your company can benefit from SlideShare Content Ads.

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