7 secrets to becoming a SlideShare power user

In this article, originally published on LinkedIn Today, Ross Mayfield describes the tactics that help SlideShare power users get that extra edge (and more views.)

Ross MayfieldUsing SlideShare to share slides is pretty easy. Being a SlideShare ninja is another thing entirely. In this post (and deck), let me share seven secrets to using SlideShare that you probably shouldn’t know.

1. Most of Your Viewers Come from Search

Presentations are just the kind of thing search engines love to eat. When creating a presentation you tend to pick your words carefully, and that text is somewhere between the terseness of a tweet and the verbosity of a blog post. When you upload content, pay particular attention to the keywords you use in your title, description and tags (in that order) to make your content more findable. Also, note that SlideShare extracts the text from your file and presents it as Transcript below. This Transcript is read by search engines, so your actual content matters.

2. Social Networks Provide the 2nd Most Viewers

The second largest source of traffic you can get for your content is social networks. And if done right, it can go viral and become the largest source. Click all those like buttons to promote your content across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Notice how I put my Twitter @handle in the title above? Every time someone Tweets about my presentation they are also advertising my handle to other potential followers. Also be sure and add the SlideShare apps for LinkedIn and Facebook. All you have to do is log in with either service on SlideShare and it will automate sharing across both social networks.

3. SlideShare is a Social Network

Not enough people realize that connecting with people on SlideShare can substantially increase your content views. First and foremost enrich your profile with your professional identity. Actively Favorite and Comment on other’s content. Follow other people and they may Follow you back so they are subscribed to your uploads.

4. Embed Your Content

Embedding your content into a blog post or web page not only distributes the content there. It also creates a link structure pointing back to your SlideShare content to increase search engine visibility. While a blog is not a content strategy, blogging in tandem with SlideShare can be a big part of it. Every time I write a blog post (like this), I consider making a simple summary of it in a presentation. And whenever I create a presentation, say for speaking at a conference, I can write a one or two paragraph summary of the talk, and embed the deck. This is a good personal tactic, but also one that can scale for businesses. For example, we do interviews for blog case studies, which we then hand over to a design firm to create case study presentations. You can also embed these kinds of decks into landing pages to make them more visual and engaging.

5. Design for SlideShare

Take one look at the SlideShare homepage and you’ll find something different is going on. The design that takes shape on SlideShare is its own style, not traditional corporate powerpoint template. Put the most design work into your title slide, as the first slide in effect serves as a visual advertisement for your content. When someone sees the thumbnail of your content, that image effects the click-through rate to view it. Also note there aren’t long paragraphs and bullet point hell. Use words carefully for people to scan slide-by-slide rapidly. People skim content on SlideShare faster than you would normally deliver slides in a presentation. When uploading to SlideShare, consider saving your PPT into a PDF, as while the details are small, PDF generally can convert and render better on SlideShare.

6. Enrich Your Media

SlideShare supports more than conference presentations. We support pretty much any presentation, document or video format. But even if you are focused on presentations, you can enrich them further. Click edit on your presentation and you can add a YouTube video as a slide. And you can add audio and synch the movement of the slides with our unique SlideCast format.

7. Go Pro

You can be a better ninja with a little investment. SlideShare PRO lets you generate sales leads, have Analytics to understand and track engagement, privately share content, and much more.

So there you have it, 7 secrets to make you a SlideShare ninja. I’m sure I’ve missed a few, so please do others a favor by sharing secrets I’ve missed in the comments below.

19 Responses to “7 secrets to becoming a SlideShare power user”

  1. Car Mart

    Well I will drop my secret in two words “Present Yourself” That’s it…
    It is only depends on you how you present your business to other peoples that might be an interesting and helpful for them.

  2. Piotr

    “When uploading to SlideShare, consider saving your PPT into a PDF, as while the details are small, PDF generally can convert and render better on SlideShare.”

    please do so – opening pptx on mac is pain in the %^#$


    Thank you Piotr… I got a question ? to how much extent our efforts in sharing sildes would have an empact upon forthcoming research work on any subject specially law?

  4. Jose Delgado Ahumada

    Great tips for the SlideShare professional user, do you have any idea how to position your presentations on Search Engines Index, to get more relevant traffic and quality audience? Thanks for the review.

  5. Roger Hawcroft


    Thank you for posting this article – I found it really informative, however I was a bit thrown by the advice: “Notice how I put my Twitter @handle in the title above?” – I couldn’t see any twitter handle anywhere … am I being stupid and missing something?

  6. John Garrett

    Great post, Ross. I’m pretty lax with liking and sharing my own stuff, so I’ll have to get on that.

    For those wondering about the Twitter handle, if you click the “View on Slideshare” button on his presentation you’ll see that the title of it is “7 SlideShare Secrets by @ross”.

    I’m going to give it a shot and see how it plays out.

  7. Nasir Ahmed Elmustafa

    Thank you for posting this article – I found it really informative

  8. adelman moreira ribeiro

    I liked…I think this can be very useful if we give good information and knowldge.

  9. khalid

    I did not know that one in there sildeshare oportunity to attract more traffic, I wonder if you can make a video and show us all that with the song and images

  10. Josh

    What a great article! I think #5 – Design for slideshare is spot on. I find myself quickly flipping through. My upcoming slideshare’s will be designed better! I’m curious if anyone has used Pro successfully (or unsuccessfully too!). Is it good for generating leads?

  11. charles

    Yes, slideshare can give you quality traffic if you know the tactics. The best tactic to get more visitors is to present yourself well, in so doing people will try to know more about you.

  12. Debbie

    Your article was very informative. I was thinking about the benefits of doing the Slideshare and with your article, I made my decision to go Pro.
    I can see many benefits by using this and getting a different audience to my blog.